Learn About The Various Exciting Features Of Ford F-150

Ford F 150 model is known for its affordability, style, power, and class. This versatile car model has become a US icon. It is relatively easy to operate and comes in plenty of designs to choose from. Let us know more about the features of Ford F150 in detail.


Ford F 150 offers tough performance to its clients. It doesn’t matter if you need to drive for recreational purposes or work. The incredible 6-engine lineup of F-150 gives you the best level of performance. This model comes with a naturally aspirated gas power plant.

 It has inbuilt advanced technology twin independent variable cam timing. Some of the other features of this engine are 3.0 Liter Power Stroke V6 Turbo Diesel, port-fuel or direct-injected gas EcoBoost V6 engines, and turbocharged.

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10-Speed Automatic Transmission

F-150 EcoBoost diesel engine and V8 provides massive power due to its advanced ten-speed automatic transmission system. In compared to the other models that normally have 6-speed transmission systems, the ten-speed transmission system delivers increased overall performance, better acceleration at the mid, and low ranges of its powerband.

360-degree camera

Another distinctive feature of Ford F-150 is its 360-degree camera with a split-view display. Using this functionality, you can have a bird’s eye view throughout the truck.

It makes use of 4 cameras, one present in the grille, one in the tailgate, and one below the side view mirror to join images and give a 360-degree image view.  The dynamic hitch feature built into it offers a slight line to direct the hitch ball to the trailer tongue.

High-performance gears

Another remarkable feature of F-150 is its gears that come in different types: optimized wide-span gear spacing with drag-reduction actions and three overdrive gears.

A wide range of models

Ford F-150 is a versatile model that comes in various types to suit the individual requirements of customers. You can select from selectable models such as Tow/Haul, Normal, EcoSelect, Sport and Snow/Wet.


With these remarkable benefits, Ford 150 definitely makes a must buy model for every Ford fan. Its tough performance, unmatched ten-speed automotive transmission, heightened screen productivity, remarkable connectivity via FordPass connects is what makes it ahead of its competitors in the market.

Post Author: Nicole Amir