Do you want to Ship Your Car from California?

In the USA, California is one of biggest states having very large population too. Therefore, it is essential that one must know how one should ship their cars both from/to California. The number of people who may be shipping from/to California will be much bigger than all other states.

Although the process of shipping any car from/to California remains the same, but due to the numbers of vehicles shipping within California, the whole process becomes little more complex. Hence it will need a different attention based on the reason of your car shipping.

If you want to ship a car to or from San Diego, CA then by contacting a well-known company called Ship a Car, Inc. you will get superior shipping service if you are planning to relocate your vehicles. Surely, your car is also very important to you and therefore you also want to move it.

Therefore, while shipping any car which related to California, following few tips can be helpful to you.

  • Identify your carrier type

First and foremost thing is to decide whether you will prefer open carrier or an enclosed carrier in order to ship the car. In case of open carrier method, your car will remain fully exposed while transporting, while in enclosed carrier it will remain fully covered.

Obviously open carrier will be cheaper comparatively as your car will be exposed to natural climate while in other method it will remain protected.

  • Get quote from at least 3 transporters

It is necessary that you must discuss at least three different transporters and obtain their quotes so that you can compare not only their quoted price but also the terms and conditions of each of the carriers.

It will be prudent to read few reviews about each transporter and also you may check from BBB to know better feedback about their professionalism.

  • Prepare your car

Also, you need to prepare the car which will pass through long distance. Make sure that your gas and fluid levels are at proper level, so that you are able to drive your car when you take possession of your car.

Also, it will be better to remove all attachments and accessories, which are vulnerable to theft.

  • Know about various options

Another important thing to know is about various other car shipping options. Usually there are 2 choices:

  • Door-to-door services
  • Terminal-to-terminal.

In case of terminal-to-terminal services, your car will be dropped at transporter’s office and also will arrive at their office in the new location. However in case of door-to-door service, your car will be picked up from your selected place and also be dropped off at your chosen location.

  • How you want pick up and drop service

If you have selected the option of terminal to terminal then you must be aware of how much is the distance between the terminal and your new location. Door to door service will certainly be a safer option however you have to pay additional service charges for that.

Post Author: Nicole Amir